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BalFlex Peristaltic 
Max Flow Rate: 60,000 L/hr
Max Viscosity: 150,000 cps
Temp. Max: 100 °C
Max Pressure: 7 bar

Peristaltic volumetric pumps for medium pressures. The two alternating rollers on a rotor compress reciprocally a tube with thick walls in a guide with a patented shaped profile and, thanks to the rotation, push the content of the tube (the pumped liquid) from the suction line to the discharge line. Through the consequent opening of the tube, a vacuum is created in the suction line from which a continuous suction is going on. In the N2-N4 models, the rotor is supported by large ball bearings inside the pump body, while in the N5-N10 types it uses heavy-duty bearings for the flanged gearbox. The tube can be extruded or reinforced in nylon fibers or harmonic steel. All pumps can be supplied in one-unit versions, coupled to gearboxes, regulators, electric, diesel, pneumatic or hydraulic motors.